Hailing from Galicia this excellent and well established band feature the traditional sounds of Galicia a superb stage show and four great albums behind them.. Lets let the review extracts below give you an ideal flavour of what to expect if you book this fine well established band.

'Galician sextet Os Cempés' fourth release, recorded live in concert, suggests what rock 'n' roll might sound like had it been invented in the northwest corner of the Iberian peninsula instead of in New Jersey. Os Cempés is like two, two, two bands in one!: traditional ethnic sounds from Oscar Fernández' accordion and zanfona, Antón Varela's gaitas and clarinet, and the vocals of Serxo Ces; jazzy rock from Oscar Painceiras' electric bass, Caba Garcia's electric guitar, and Jose Piñeiro's drum set. The addition of Ces' saxophone provides mellow density and bright accents, and the steel guitar of Alvaro Lamas on three tracks ranges from ethereal to pleasantly goofy. The result is infectiously upbeat, an alternative delectation of Galician music..." Jim Foley, RootsWorld

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